Cool Coffee Shops in British Columbia

There are plenty of cool coffee shops all over British Columbia, offering a selection of hot beverages, tasty snacks and sweets, and the opportunity to meet the locals.

Beachcomber Coffee

Found on Gower Point Road in Gibsons, Beachcomber Coffee features a wood-lined interior and unique coffee blends for every taste. The shop has been awarded several awards, among which 91 Point Coffee, 2016 Small Business BC Awards, and 2015 and 2016 Golden Bean North America.

Moving Coffee Roastery

This small venue is located on E 3rd Avenue in Vancouver and offers some of the best coffee in British Columbia. The selection of beans includes Gesha Village 2019, decaffeinated coffee, and Ethiopia Sidamo Gora Kone. The shop also organizes unique workshops with a focus on coffee tasting and brewing, barista training, green coffee analysis, and cupping subscriptions. Professional consultancy services are also offered and target restaurants, cafes, shops, co-working spaces, and offices. Businesses that seek to increase revenues benefit from consultancy services.

Base Camp

A busy venue on Marine Avenue in Powell River, Base Camp features an artistic interior, superb customer service, and a selection of drinks, lunch, dinner, and breakfast options, and all-day offerings. The shop is decorated with artsy tiling, locally sourced wood, and custom metal work for a modern and unique feel. Customers can try tasty vegetarian options such as maple granola parfait with yogurt and seasonal fruit or breakfast sandwich with fresh tomato, cream cheese, sundried tomato, and roasted red pepper. The drinks menu features hot beverages such as chai latte and mocha, macchiato, cappuccino, and Americano. The best part is that the shop roasts its own selection of beans. There is also a selection of all-day classics, including goodies, cookies, wraps, and sandwiches. Visitors who are up for something sweet will enjoy their granola bar and daily brownie with cranberry, marshmallow, mint, or coconut.

Breka Bakery and Café

This vegetarian-friendly venue is located in Vancouver Eastside and gets quite busy on weekends. Their baked goods are tasty and always fresh, and there is a large variety of desserts. It is a great place for a cake and coffee or a sandwich and hot cocoa. The menu includes soups, oven baked dishes, sandwiches, light snacks, and cakes and pastries. From veggie pockets and sausage rolls to steak and cheese panini and tofu and walnut melt sandwich, there is something for everyone. They also offer cappuccino, latte, flat white, Americano, coffee, and caramel macchiato. The bakery is always stocked and features a variety of bread and pastry choices, whether you are up for a donut, double chocolate muffin, or chocolate almond croissant.

Revolver Coffee

Located on Cambie Street in Vancouver, Revolver Coffee offers fresh cakes and excellent coffee. This is a good place to have a cup of coffee with a slice of banana bread, listen to good music, and enjoy the cool interior. They also offer brewing equipment to prepare your favorite coffee at home.

Small Victory

Also a vegetarian-friendly bakery, this venue is a great spot for breakfast or lunch or a delicious coffee and cake. You can try their roasted veggie sandwich or corned beef sandwich or taste their passionfruit cheesecake or raspberry cheesecake.

Other cool coffee shops to visit in British Columbia are Red Umbrella Café, Café Medina, Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café, and Bel Café.